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Staffordshire Skin Surgery is a convenient, same-day private skin surgery service for the removal of unsightly or inconvenient skin lesions including moles, skin tags and cysts.

The majority of skin lesions that we remove are harmless and the treatment of these benign lesions is no longer available on the NHS.

Staffordshire Skin Surgery is provided by a Consultant Dermatologist and a Consultant Plastic Surgeon working together to give safe, expert diagnosis and treatment with excellent surgical results.

The skin lesions that can be removed as part of this service include:

• Moles - up to 1cm in size on the face and body
• Lipomas - up to 4cm in size on the body
• Skin tags
• Dermatofibromas
• Warts

• Cysts - up to 2cm in size on the body, or up to 1cm in size on the cheeks and lower part of the face


Clinic location
Staffordshire Skin Surgery is based at Rowley Hospital, a leading private hospital in Stafford. It is convenient to travelling from Cannock, Rugeley, Stafford, Stone and Stoke-on-Trent. Click here to book an appointment.