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September 2020 Covid-19 Update: The Staffordshire Skin Surgery service, provided by Dr Anne Ward and Mr Philip Brackley, remains closed.

Mr Philip Brackley, Consultant Plastic Surgeon, has restarted his plastic surgery clinics at Rowley Hospital. Please phone 01785 238661 to book a consultation with Mr Brackley, should you wish to discuss mole removal. Alternatively, Mr Brackley can be contacted by email:

Booking an appointment

Appointments at Staffordshire Skin Surgery take about one hour. On arrival, the skin lesion is examined by Dr Anne Ward, Consultant Dermatologist. The treatment options are fully discussed including the type of surgery necessary to remove the skin lesion and the possible outcomes including what the scar will look like. Should you wish to proceed with removal of the skin lesion, consent forms are signed. The surgery is then performed by Mr Philip Brackley, Consultant Plastic Surgeon. After-care leaflets with contact details are provided as you leave.

If you would like more information or wish to book an appointment, please email us at

Alternatively, you may prefer to make the first enquiry by phoning Staffordshire Skin Surgery on 01785 747247. Please leave a voicemail message, including your name and a contact telephone number. Click here to read how Staffordshire Skin Surgery collects and uses your information.

We aim to answer emails and return voicemails within 24 hours.

Click here to download a Patient Information Guide which gives details of how the service works and what will happen at your appointment.

Staffordshire Skin Surgery is a "see and treat" clinic for the removal of smaller skin lesions, including:

• Moles - up to 1cm in size on the face and body
• Lipomas - up to 4cm in size on the body
• Skin tags
• Dermatofibromas
• Warts

• Cysts - up to 2cm in size on the body, or up to 1cm in size on the cheeks and lower part of the face


Staffordshire Skin Surgery is a “see and treat” clinic. Larger skin lesions, or those requiring more complex surgery, are not removed in this clinic. This includes cysts on the forehead or near the eyes, and skin lesions on the ears. We also understand that some people prefer a more detailed consultation prior to undergoing surgery; or they wish to have more time to consider all their options. If so, we advise that you contact Mr Brackley, Consultant Plastic Surgeon, who will arrange an initial consultation with you in one of his clinics. The fee for the consultation and the subsequent removal of the skin lesion will depend on the type of surgery necessary to remove the skin lesion. Please click here to contact Mr Brackley directly.

Rarely, examination raises the suspicion that the lesion may be a skin cancer. In this situation you will be offered the option of a letter sent to your GP with a request for referral to your local NHS service, or you may wish to discuss having the skin cancer removed on a private basis.


Clinic location
Staffordshire Skin Surgery is based at Rowley Hospital, a leading private hospital in Stafford. There is good access and free parking. Click here for Google maps. It is convenient for travel from Cannock, Rugeley, Stafford, Stone and Stoke-on-Trent.